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our Andalusian touch

With us you will discover Andalusia with the eyes of the locals, where you will experience a unique journey and memories.

Our personalized method of Tourism is flexible and adaptable to your interests, that is why we will organize your trip especially for you.

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Trips in company

enjoy our trips with your friends or with your couple, to build a beautiful memory that last forever.

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Family-Oriented Trips

specially designed trips to enjoy with your family and kids, the closest persons to your heart who deserve such a beautiful experience.

Educational trips

if you like to hit two birds with one stone, you can choose to learn a new language: Spanish Or Arabic so we will fit your time table to enjoy Andalucia while having your language classes in the same time.

agencia de viajes en granada la alhambra y ovalo viajes


A magical city with a huge intercultural heritage.



The beautiful Seville full of history and majesty

ovalo vijajes marbella


Home of Don Juan and luxurious lifestyle

a Trip that suits you

unique Rooms

very special and carefully selected rooms

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local restaurants

Original taste in the city

Incredible activities

to maximize your experience in each destination

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information makes your trip easier, safer and more comfortable

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with our experience in every chosen destination

Ovalo Travel Agency is a modern, up-to-date and advanced company on a European scale in general and in Spain in particular, adapted to the new technological movement. At Ovalo Viajes we deal with companies of all sizes, governmental and non-governmental institutions. We take care of our travelers with all unity and total privacy, since we provide solutions that adapt to their needs and aspirations, whether in the business sector for individuals and groups, the family vacation sector, cultural, adventurer and / or honeymoons . 


Ovalo Viajes is benefiting greatly from rapid growth as a result of the alliances that exist between it and its clients, on the one hand, and with travel agencies around the world on the other. The Tourism sector is a field of work that is expected to enjoy rapid growth, which requires that the companies based on it are specialized agencies capable of developing to meet customer requirements. 


Ovalo Viajes is committed to continuing to grow within the Tourism sector and contributing its grain of sand for the recovery of the sector. 


At Ovalo Viajes, we strive every day to raise the level of service to our clients in a way that exceeds their expectations, and we hope to build appropriate associations in nearby fields, which will improve our position in the international market. 


We offer a diverse and innovative range of services, acting as a link between the client and our partners. 


Our goal and obsession is to exceed the expectations of each traveler by providing excellent service, and we have this distinction for our functional and technical experience and because we like to make your vacations as pleasant as possible, doing everything possible to achieve it. 


Within our DNA we have the firm belief that true leadership means creating alliances, leveraging our experience and innovative approach as a company and making a difference in the world of travel and tourism. 


We are proud to belong to the tourism sector and we are going to work for it, enjoying what we do. There is much more to achieve in the coming years, and we will not give up our efforts until we achieve our vision, we believe that strengthening relationships and trust with our partners and customers is fundamental to our business. 


At Ovalo Viajes we follow the tailor-made travel method, since we study the wishes of each client individually, to achieve the greatest happiness during their vacations. 


We work with the majority of tour operators, although we try to choose, for most trips, the ones that best suit the needs of our travelers. Whether it is what they want, travel for price, to get experiences, to enjoy a luxury trip, for adventure for the most risky travelers, trips for groups of people of different profiles, newlyweds participating in the illusion of an unforgettable trip, well-known destinations and others less known for parents with children, and for more diversity of options. 


In addition to what was mentioned above, we have our specialty within the sector. We are specialized in trips to Granada, Córdoba, Seville and Marbella. 


We help and accompany national and international travelers who want to know and enjoy the culture and leisure of these cities. We have accommodations, in each of the cities, with some kind of charm. Rooms or apartments with all kinds of comforts and with our quality standard that differ from typical hotel rooms. Whether for thematic decoration, decoration set in the culture of the city, for the spectacular views of monuments or tourist areas known worldwide. So much so that we have rooms for our travelers with views of the Alhambra and Generalife in Granada, views of the Cathedral of Seville, direct views of Puerto Banús, among other accommodations. 


We like that travelers, in addition to knowing the culture of our area, can also experience our gastronomy. For this reason, we have chosen in each of our destinations, in which we are specialized, some restaurants which we have tried and know that they meet the standards of quality and treatment. Many of them also have unique views or features that help impress our travelers on their visit. 


As in accommodation and gastronomy, we wanted to make an effort to choose activities according to the preferences of our travelers, being able to offer from guides to the best-known monuments of these cities, or snow, water, air and land sports. , or Arab baths, balloon rides around the city, driving a lexurious cars on a circuit, a yacht ride, among other activities. 


Our service covers the needs of larger groups, smaller groups or even couples. We adapt the experience to what you like. 


We have certain collaborators, from people who accompany travelers acting as guides, such as buses or private cars of different capacities, collaborators with their own accommodation or collaborators who promote sports activities. 


With all this, our goal is that each traveler who wants to come to Granada, Córdoba, Seville or Marbella to get to know them, ends their experience with a beautiful memory and wishes to return in the future. In addition to recommending our destination to the largest group of people he/she knows. 


By adapting and creating each trip for each type of traveler, the cost of the trip is not an issue. We are aware of the diversity of budgets that we find, and for this reason we have a trip for each of the budgets, always without losing our DNA of quality and differentiation. 


We appreciate your trust.